Pre-qualified Skydivers can earn all types of German, US-american and manufacturers Tandem Instructor Ratings with us (DFV, USPA, ISIA, UPT/RWS, Strong Enterprises, Parachute Labs, Plexus and Paratec).
We also offer continuing education seminars and refresher training for licensed tandem instructors.

DFV Tandem Instructor Course

This course consists of theoretical instruction and practical ground and suspended harness training, 9 training levels with increasing degree of difficulty, 2 solo side spin training jumps, and a theoretical and practical cross-examination with a second tandem examiner.


Skydiving Experience
  • 500 freefall/ram air jumps
  • 5 hours total freefall time
  • 3 years in the sport
  • valid parachuting license
  • current or un-current instructional rating
  • Aeromedical certificate

The DFV/DAeC TI rating is entered into the German parachuting license or issued as a separate certificate. It is valid for 3 years. To renew the rating the TI must provide a current aeromedical certificate and proof of at least 60 tandem jumps within that time period (or alternatively a re-examination with a tandem IE).
We also offer re- and cross-examinations for new tandem ratings, refreshers, renewals and validations or for cross trainings to other tandem system types.


Please contact us to schedule your training.
There will be a registration fee/downpayment to reserve your course slot.
It will also be considered a cancellation fee in case of a short notice cancellation or "no-show".


USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course

Please check out the USPA requirements in the USPA Instructional Rating Manual "IRM"

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