AIRCREW was co-founded by Frank Carreras in 1991.


Frank Carreras, born 1967, started skydiving on the 08th of August 1988 and became then Germany's youngest AFF Instructor and at the same time full-time skydiving professional in 1989. Today he is AIRCREW's sole owner and chief instructor with far more than 20 years of professional experience.


AIRCREW is an internationally working skydiving training facility, that specializes in customized and individual training. In order to offer the full range of services and to stay as flexible as possible AIRCREW abstained from operating a fixed-base DZ and own jump aircraft.
By using various partner DZs in Germany and internationally, AIRCREW can conduct it's various courses for  reasonable prices and with minimal numbers of participants or even as private instruction.


As and when required we can revert to our network of highly qualified and professional instructors and military trainers. That way we can always guarantee an ideal trainee-staff ratio.

AIRCREW Fallschirmsprungschule | AIRCREW Military | Frank Carreras | Kapellenweg 11 | 84546 Egglkofen
Telefon +49 (0)8639 - 70 70 50 | Fax +49 (0)8639 - 70 70 51 | Mobil +49 (0)177 - 77 55 747 | E-Mail info@aircrew.eu